Cognizance of Addiction and Recovery

In recovery, I have the cognizance of my mind, where it once was clouded. In my mind, I have so many stories of old addictions, where they once raged like wildfire. In my heart, I have so many opinions and solutions, where there once was only confusion and darkness.


Anything addiction and recovery.  In my first clean years, after battling a heroin addiction for more than half a decade, my dreams and hopes were all over the map.  Yet, something from deep inside me said, “Write.”  Since then, I have started several blogs, earned a college degree, became a mother, and earned a job writing about recovery.  It was through that venue that I realized I have a story to share with the world, coupled with both hope and heartache.  I realized that I can have a voice for so many that do not.  In the cognizance of my sobriety, I have gained so much information about both addiction and recovery.  I hope to share some of that information, those stories, and my opinion on it all with anyone interested. If my message can reach one person touched by addiction in any way, then this project is a success.

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