Cognizance of Addiction and Recovery

In recovery, I have the cognizance of my mind, where it once was clouded. In my mind, I have so many stories of old addictions, where they once raged like wildfire. In my heart, I have so many opinions and solutions, where there once was only confusion and darkness.

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Letting Go…Poetry


I do not often write poetry, and when I do, it just seems to flow out of me like blood, bleeding all over the page and staining everything red with my confessions.  When I do write poetry, it is completely off the cuff.  I just put the pen to the paper, not even realizing what I am writing until I am finished and re-read it.  And honestly, I do not know that much about poetry, so i just leave it as it is.  I feel like it is a free-form expression, as the mind flows like liquid onto the page, so fast and fluid and fabulous.  Anyway, this is one of those off the cuff pieces. 

Letting Go…

 Sometimes, we just have to let go,

Let go, and jump…

Off the edge of a really tall building. 


Sometimes, we just have to let go, 

Of the resentment

And anger from the past, 

In order to heal. 


Sometimes, we just have to let go, 

Letting your fingers release from the catch hold,

Free falling with only your final faith,

Letting go of it all. 

Refocus, as I inhale deeply. 


Sometimes, we just have to let go, 

Whisper those secrets to another soul,

Or shout it to the world, if that is what you prefer,


Sometimes, we just have to let go,

Of the wheel,

Just get out of the driver’s seat,

And relinquish control. 


Sometimes, we just have to let go,

Of all the expectations,

Let go of what everyone wants us to be,

So we can shine as we really are.  

So we can come out of our cocoons 

Full of lies and secrets

To bask in the sunlight 

Of the divine. 

No matter what you wanna call it. 


Sometimes, we just have to let go,

Take a deep breath,

Looking straight ahead,

Relax, and let go,

Follow this path wherever it leads you